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Online Geriatric Healthcare Lectures

Online video lectures from previous annual series, addressing the need for up-to-date information in the field of aging. Registration and an account on this NWGEC website will give you access to the online lectures.

The online video lecture library currently houses over 50 streaming lecture presentations with accompanying lecture slide handouts.This collection of NWGEC-sponsored 90-minute lectures covers a range of current topics related to improving health outcomes for older adults. Each presentation is given by a geriatric healthcare professional, typically a University of Washington faculty member, who is a recognized expert in in his or her respective field.New topics are added annually, and older lectures are revised, to keep pace with the growing need for aging related health information.

A special series of lectures on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias is being offered in Winter 2015.  In addition, a series on Alzheimer's disease and related healthcare issues was held in Spring 2013, both funded by the Alzheimer's Supplement to the Geriatric Education Centers.  These special lectures are linked below (*) soon after they are presented, as well as on a separate webpage, "Alzheimer's Disease and Related Issues Geriatric Healthcare Series."   

Accessing the lectures

Membership on the NWGEC website is necessary to access video lecture content.  If you do not yet have an account, please register so that we can compile reports for our funding agency.  If you have already registered, you may simply log in to the site using your NWGEC login name and password and access the online lectures listed below.

Note:  If you are interested in the quizzes associated with each lecture, please click on "Learn more" under "Earn Certification" in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and then "Register" on the page that comes up (this registration is different from registering for the site overall).  After registering, you will see "My Certificate Status" in the lower right-hand corner and the quiz associated with each online lecture will be visible on the lecture page, along with the video and PDF handout.



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